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Because Experience Matters

In a world where opiates and other drugs take an increasing toll on Americans, it is imperative that suspicious deaths be detected using in person investigation, and the use of the most modern forensic science.

Expert Qualifications

Law Enforcement officers from many local agencies approached Dr. Means, urging him to join them in fighting the scourge of drug deaths that is ravaging our society.

As a board-certified pathologist, a previous City, County and State Medical Examiner and Deputy Coroner for Van Wert County, Dr. Means will bring a new level of experience, expertise and sophistication that the Mercer County Coroner’s Office needs today.

Dr. Norman Means

Voting Locations

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Mercer County Website

Coroner Election Information

Ohio Voter Registration

Polling Locations

Dr. Norman Means and The Gunny
Dr. Means with The Gunny

The Right Doc for the job!

Nobody likes to think about needing the coroner. But, in the gravest situation, having a coroner who responds immediately, and takes a personal interest in finding out the truth about what caused a loved one’s death, means everything.

Means For Mercer


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